The County of Nevada is proposing to rezone and modify the General Plan map in the Penn Valley Village Center.  The project proposes changing the General Land Use and Zoning Designation of 4 selected properties in the Village Center to Urban High Density/high density residential zoning and adding the Regional Housing Need Combining District to accommodate the future development of high density housing.  The Regional Housing Need Combining District wil accommodate affordable and multifamily housing for persons and families within the extremely-low, very-low and low income categories by designating sites for development at 16 to 20 units minimum per acre.

Two of of the designated parcels are currently zoned commercial.  Such a change in zoning will inhibit Penn Valley’s ability to attract business and grow commercially. 

Penn Valley will have an opportunity to listen and to be heard.  This is an important issue, that will potentially have a profound impact on the Village Center.