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Nestled in the back part of the Penn Valley Business & Professional Center you’ll find a non-denominational Christian Church— Word-A-Live Church!  I had the pleasure of sitting down with the church’s founders, Pastors Mike and Sandra Chipchase, to discuss Word-A-Live!  But first, we talked about their personal history in the community.

Mike and Sandra moved to Penn Valley in 1976. “We moved into the thirtieth home in Lake Wildwood,” Pastor Mike told me.  They have two children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren on the way. In 1992, after sixteen years in the area, they pioneered Word-A-Live! Family Church.

Their first meeting was in Western Gateway Park.  As their congregation grew, they moved to the Fire Department, where they met for about a year, using the Rough & Ready Banner Grange when the Fire Department was busy.  After a short stint at The Brighton Greens for about six months, they moved to the Wildwood Business Center.  There they remained for about seven and a half years, until moving to their current location, where they’ve been for the last five years.  With about one hundred members, Pastor Sandra described their congregation as “small…but powerful.”  However, preaching the gospel to its congregation is not the only activities that the church takes part in.

Word-A-Live takes pride in being a community-minded church that regularly supports local, national and even international non-profit organizations.  Among their many charitable endeavors is the annual Easter Outreach, in which they’ve participated for at least the last seven years.  “We put up our tent…and we do bracelets,” said Pastor Sandra with a smile as she spoke of the children’s Easter bracelets that show the “five colors of Christ.”  But, at the church and charitable events are not the only places that you’ll find the Pastors.

For more information about Word-A-Live! Family Church, visit their website at http://www.word-a-live.org, send an e-mail to wordalive@juno.com, or call them at (530) 432-9155.  Of course, you can always stop by during one of their services at 1058 Spenceville Road in Penn Valley.

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